Lets Start from the Very Basics

  1. Prioritize – Physical & Emotional Health. This is the core foundation around which we plan to achieve more in other elements of Life – Family, Finance,
    Social, etc.
  2. Prioritize Sleep – First start with the very basic/core foundation i.e. Sleep.

    – Why?
    Because for these 8 hours of days time we can`t do any other thing but sleep. Nature has planned this 1/3rd of our day/life that it is totally unavoidable. We can plan to do anything during our other 16 hours of time but we have to put our body to sleep for these 8 hours whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not.
    As, Sleep repairs our body mentally, and physically and It makes us ready for the next day. So, it is one of the most important element of our life that need the most possible attention/work.

    – What to do?
    Stop using electronics or TV at least 2 hours before Sleep
    Write Journal 1 hour before sleep to take out all from inside
    Review today and plan your next day in advance – this makes body know its end of the day and time to sleep and relax.
    Do chanting, listen to high frequency sounds/music, read spiritual books.
    Most important, find what works for you. We all are unique, so we have to figure out what works for each one of us.
  3. Wake up Early Morning
    – Why?
    – Because for all those of us who are working during the day, we may or may not get the focused time to plan and complete tasks.
    – Mornings are the time for habits. As we brush, get fresh, bath and get ready for the work and day, everyday. so what we do in the morning becomes a habit by itself.
    – Start if always the important. What we do first thing in the morning creates foundation for the day. Some may say what we do in between determines. Its true, but the start if better add up more. And, time during the day is not in hands of most of us as we are working.

    – How to Wake up?
    Start sleeping 30 minutes early so we start waking up 30 earlier than the usual time.

    – What to do?
    Spend time in Nature
    Listen or Watch a video about successful people/strong mindset within 15-30 minutes of waking up. It creates the first foundation of the day.

  4. Goal is
    To Bring Balance in our Life Important Elements
    – Strong Mindset / Emotional Health
    – Physical Health – Exercise, Sleep, Strong Body
    – Family
    – Personal Goals – Finance/Travel/Social,etc

    5. Remember, We are What we See, Say, Feel, and Think. So, Thoughts we think, Words we speak, Talks we do, things we do, and things we prioritize and feel influence our vibration

    – What to do?
    – Spend time in nature in morning
    – Read, Watch videos about successful, strong mindset people.
    – Write dairy and set intention for the day
    – Micro Task to do in the day






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