Mind Vs Soul – Which one to listen?

Mind is limited. Spirit is infinite. Spirit is God. when we die it goes away. God has given us the power within us. As Spirit always says that everything is possible. there is no thing which we cant do. Its all the mind.
So, you have bring a balance between the two. Train your mind to work insync with Soul.

So, do affirmations, chanting, record self video talk to self. it help soothe out the mind and soul. As u r taking out things from your inside.

We can live our life on our own. as we want. we can do anything in life, everything.

We can be healthy. achieve anything financially, emotionally, psychologically.

For example, when you are in front of 50 people and we are asked to speak. the mind starts to wonder and says that you cant do it. but the spirit says it is possible and you can do it.

Always say to self that today will be a better day. and we will be strong.






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