What Maverin Minds is all about?

we are starting this community for everyone to come together to share, learn and do together as a team.
This is not just any education blog where we share with you tips and tricks to say improving health or finance.
we know we as humans are bound to go in rolls as motivation fades very fast. So to bring a change in our or everyone’s life we are creating this community for people who really want to get their life to a next extend. and the only way to do so is by thinking like an unorthodox or someone who thinks out of the box.
In todays time, we are bound to follow and do what other people or experts preach but the reality is that everyone is unique in its own ways – A unique bio individual. So something which works for one may not work for another. So we have to find out who we are what we are and what works for us. There is no magic wand or a belief which can be applied to anyone and improve.

Also, life is bound to be holistic and we forget the basics and start to believe that the complex is the real way. but have we ever realized how complex the nature or universe is but we still take this complex structure for granted.. So we even forget to follow the basic cycle of this complex wide nature like waking up on time, sleeping on time spending time in nature or sun bathing.
Why we all are now deficient in Vitamin D – Because we have forgot the basics to spend the time in sun. we feel it is for granted, simple. wont work for us.
but in real ways the simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Its time to restructure and rebuild our mind via MAVERIN MINDS.






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